XSET scores partnership with multiplayer game RoboSquad Revolution

Image of XSET Pro Pack in Robosquad Revolution game
Image credit: XSET, RoboSquad Revolution

North American esports brand XSET has announced a partnership with multiplayer arena shooter title RoboSquad Revolution.

As a result of the deal, both parties will join forces to launch a range of in-game items in addition to influencer partnerships and sponsored tournaments.

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XSET will feature across RoboSquad Revolution’s range of in-game skins, weapons and playable characters. The shooter game is free to play and is preparing for its full release in November after a period of early access. Details on sponsorships and sponsored tournaments will appear following the launch of the game.

According to a release, RoboSquad Revolution aims to create ‘accessibility for players of all ages’ and prioritises ‘fun and engaging play’. With the involvement of XSET, it’s unclear if game studio Zollpa plans on partnering with more esports brands in the future.

Partnering with XSET marks Zollpa’s first foray into the esports industry. Aside from the collaboration, the studio raised $3.45m (~£2.81m) in funding earlier this year to assist with the Zorans: Resistance project, which is RoboSquad Revolution’s developer.

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Alongside securing partnerships, XSET continues to consolidate its position as one of North America’s prominent esports brands. In October, the brand announced Fortnite content creator Clix as an ambassador and part-owner.

Greg Selkoe, Co-founder and CEO of XSET, spoke on the deal: “We are super excited about collaborating on a playable XSET skin with RoboSquad.

“We see massive growth potential in RoboSquad, and look forward to doing more in-game skin collaborations, bringing in our talent and unique digital style perspective as they grow. We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with the team in bringing it to market.”

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