Street Fighter’s Capcom Cup 11 heads to Japan

30 April 2024


Capcom Cup 11
Image credit: Capcom

Game developer Capcom has announced that its FGC esports event Capcom Cup 11 will be held at the 11,000-capacity Ryōgoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

The Capcom Cup’s move to Japan was announced live during the final day of Evo Japan 2024.

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Typically held in the United States, the Capcom Cup is the season closer for the Capcom Pro Tour, a circuit run by developer Capcom for its popular Street Fighter series.

As announced earlier this month, the winner of the Capcom Cup 11 will take home $1m (£~790,000) in winnings, matching the amount won by Capcom Cup X champion Wang ‘UMA’ Yuan-hao in February.

During the livestream, it was also revealed that the Capcom Pro Tour will feature eight offline events, starting with Evo 2024 in Las Vegas, USA in July. The tour will then stay in the US for its next tournament in August at the Cream City Convergence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before heading to France and Singapore in September and October respectively. 

October will also feature another US-based event at the annual East Coast Throwdown before November events in Japan and the Dominican Republic, the latter at the annual Blink Respawn. Finally, December’s Kings of the World event in London, England will host the final leg of the circuit before Japan’s Capcom Cup 11 brings a close to the season.

The Capcom Cup 11 will feature alongside the annual Street Fighter League: World Championship, also usually held in the United States before the move to Japan for the 2024 season.

The Ryōgoku Kokugikan is a historic venue in Tokyo, acting as the home of Sumo wrestling in the city. It also has its own history in FGC esports, starting with a Street Fighter 2 tournament way back in 1992. More recently, it hosted the VALORANT Red Bull Home Ground tournament in November.

Lee Jones