FURIA partners with Chinese commerce platform ONWEAR

Image credit: FURIA / ONWEAR

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has entered the Chinese retail market through a partnership with e-commerce company ONWEAR.

The partnership will allow Chinese fans to buy FURIA jerseys in their home market, with the potential to expand the offering to more merchandise in the future.

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Known for its Counter-Strike, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six rosters, FURIA is a major esports organisation in South America. The company has established itself as a prominent figure in merchandise, collaborating with global brands such as New Era for a branded cap and artist Guilherme Lemes for a ‘Magic Panthera’ merchandise collection.

Last year the organisation expanded its e-commerce operations, allowing it to ship merchandise globally. To help facilitate the expansion, FURIA also opened a new distribution centre in the United States.

Due to the specifics of the Chinese market, FURIA decided to work with ONWEAR, a Chinese e-commerce brand specialising in esports IP merchandise. The company is known for creating jerseys and merchandise for dozens of teams operating in China including FPX Esports, eStar Gaming and Keen Gaming.

The FURIA jerseys will be produced directly by ONWEAR under license and be available to Chinese buyers. The partnership initially covers just the jerseys, but the two partners did not exclude the possibility of creating other merchandise in the future.

FURIA Co-Founder and Co-CEO André Akkari also spoke about the expansion: “It is a major step to expand our brand into a gigantic market, but it goes beyond that. FURIA is a sociocultural movement that unites people around its values, philosophy, and style.

“Therefore, the partnership with ONWEAR is also important to overcome geographical barriers and allow more people who connect with us to feel even more part of this movement.”

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