Brazilian esports organisation FURIA expands e-commerce operations

Image of models wearing FURIA clothing on a white background
Image credit: FURIA

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has expanded its e-commerce operations to now ship its merchandise internationally.

As a result of the expansion, the organisation’s online store will now ship internationally from November 21st after originally selling its range exclusively in Brazil.

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To ship merchandise internationally, FURIA has established a new distribution centre located in the United States enabling fans of the organisation outside of Brazil to purchase merchandise. According to a release, the expansion was possible due to the organisation’s ‘growing international fan base’ and ‘increasing demand’ for its merchandise.

Throughout 2023, FURIA has put a larger focus on its merchandising efforts. In August, the organisation secured a deal with American apparel brand New Era to create a headwear collection sporting FURIA’s branding.

The e-commerce expansion is the first milestone for FURIA following the unveiling of its new visual identity and ethos in October 2023. The new logo and motto aims to promote inclusion within the esports industry.

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Aside from its merchandising efforts, FURIA continues to consolidate its position as a major player in the South American esports ecosystem. In September 2023, it partnered with Shikenso Analytics to analyse the performance of existing sponsorships using the company’s AI tools.

André Akkari, co-CEO of FURIA, spoke on the expansion: “We are thrilled to take this significant step towards expanding our global reach and providing our merchandise to fans all around the world.

“We have been fortunate to see our fan base grow beyond the borders of Brazil, and this expansion represents our commitment to our global community.”

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