Team Liquid partners with Loadout to analyse esports and gaming audiences

12 April 2024


Team Liquid partners with Loadout
Image credit: Loadout/Team Liquid

Multinational esports organisation Team Liquid has partnered with esports and gaming data analytics company Loadout.

Loadout will provide the organisation with data on gaming and esports audiences to support its sales, partnerships and marketing.

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The collaboration with Loadout follows a previous data-focused partnership Team Liquid secured with Shikenso Analytics in February.

With over 30,000 research variables, Loadout’s data aims to offer insights such as purchase behaviours of different digital items and motivations for supporting esports organisations. Loadout also analyses data from more than 15 markets, enabling Liquid to potentially boost its global collaborations, such as its recent campaign with Carrefour Brazil.

Founded in 2015 as Insightful Consulting, esports and gaming data company Loadout is headquartered in Paris, France. Its services are produced in collaboration with consumer data platform GWI, allowing for data contextualisation with broader commercial, demographic, and attitudinal data.

Loadout has worked with several notable esports stakeholders in the past, including Esports Charts and Shikenso Analytics. Loadout has also previously collaborated with Esports Insider.

Global esports organisation Team Liquid competes in League of Legends, Counter-Strike, VALORANT, Rocket League, among others. Since its creation in 2000, the company has also built a portfolio of adjacent brands, such as its influencer management agency Liquid Media and its esports wiki Liquipedia.

Jason Lucas Luijckx, Director of Partnerships EMEA, Team Liquid, commented on the partnership with Loadout: “As a global esports organisation, Team Liquid reaches fans all around the world. At every stage of the partnership process — from pitch to execution — we require insights on our varied audiences that support our unique-to-market strategies.

“Our use of audience data has been instrumental in the success of our sponsorship business, and Loadout, with the support of GWI, will give us a global advantage moving forward.”

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