Team Vitality launches KARE merch collection to support mental health

European esports organisation Team Vitality has announced a merchandise collection through its KARE project to support mental health initiative Twisten Foundation.

The merchandise collection will feature several items, including a bag, a hoodie, a cap, and a t-shirt, with all proceeds going to the foundation.

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The foundation was created to help young people with mental health issues by the family of Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener, the former Berlin International Gaming and Team Vitality player who died by suicide in 2023. The KARE initiative was created by Team Vitality to focus on mental health and support those struggling with problems and will feature educational content and merchandise.

All proceeds from the sale of the merchandise collection will go directly to the Foundation. The launch follows a move by APEKS Counter-Strike player Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk who decided to donate 10% of his Major sticker money to the Twisten Foundation, earlier this year.

The collection will feature merch that has different motives focusing on mental health alongside slogans such as ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ and ‘life is tough, but so are you’. The collection will be available through the Team Vitality online store.

Team Vitality also noted that the KARE initiative will grow with time, with more online content and physical items available in the coming months.

Amélie Canet, Fan Activities Director at Team Vitality, commented: ” The first KARE collection consolidates our efforts to raise mental health awareness and support. With empowering mantras, each item promotes mental well-being.

“With KARE, we aim to facilitate conversations, break down stigma and cultivate a community that prioritises mental health. This collection represents a movement towards greater understanding, empathy, and support for people facing mental health challenges.”

Ivan Šimić
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