Astralis and hummel partner with streetwear brand SAUNA

Astralis and hummel partner with streetwear brand SAUNA
Image credit: Astralis / hummel / SAUNA

Danish esports organisation Astralis and its apparel partner hummel have announced a partnership with Danish streetwear brand SAUNA.

The three partners have worked together to create a limited merchandise collection that includes a jacket, a cap and a jersey that will be available online and in person in June 2024.

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Astralis and sportswear brand hummel have a long-standing partnership, first signed in 2020. Since then, the two brands have inked one extension to the partnership and hummel now operates Astralis’ web store and retail segments. The third partner in this interesting deal is SAUNA, a young streetwear brand from Denmark that produces shirts, hoodies, caps and other apparel.

The jersey is definitely the star of the collection. Astralis, hummel and SAUNA have created an entirely new colourway and design that was never previously worn by Astralis’ rosters. The jersey, co-branded by hummel and SAUNA, has a deep wine-red colour with gold sponsor logos and the Astralis star on the chest. It also features a collar, contrary to the usual Astralis pro kit, and the number 16 on the back to commemorate 2016, the year Astralis was founded.

Morten Lund, Marketing Director at hummel, commented on the collaboration: “Our focus has been on designing not simply a player jersey but an experience speaking to both the athletic and fashion-conscious youth across cultures and generations. We’re excited about this new collaboration and can’t wait to see fans of all ages wearing the new designs with pride this summer.”

The collection also includes a cap and a varsity jacket with SAUNA and Astralis logos. The items will be available in the Astralis Nexus in Copenhagen, as well as on the internet stores of Astralis and SAUNA. The jersey will also be available to fans at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 in London.

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