British Esports announces new Women In Esports committee members

Women In Esports
Image credit: British Esports

Women In Esports, an initiative by esports body British Esports, has announced six new members for its committee.

As representatives of various notable esports companies, the new additions aim to support Women In Esports in developing an inclusive esports landscape.

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The new members are Tracy Luseno (Partnerships Manager at ESL FACEIT Group), Leila Gregory (Creator and Founder of Tech Her Out), Kylie Kendrick (Technical Specialist: Esports at Durham University), Savannah Ross (Gaming, Esports, and Cultural Strategist at Ear to the Ground), Vladyslava ‘Vlady’ Zakhliebina (Team Manager of OG, Esports Talent and Content Creator) and Keltoum ‘Giniro’ Baddaje (Esports Host).

The newcomers join the eleven members of the existing committee, which includes Becks Donaldson, Talent Manager at DotXTalent, as well as Becky Wright, Senior Partnerships Manager at NSE.

Since its creation in 2019, Women In Esports has strived to improve diversity, equity and inclusivity in esports through events, tournaments, community activations and educational content. The initiative is led by British Esports Development Lead, Billie Purdie, Head of Operations, Alice Whorley and Committee Chair Sue Lavasani, who is an Account Manager at Tundra Esports.

Last year, Women In Esports organised the ‘Be The Change: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2023‘. Information about this year’s iteration will be announced soon.

With Women In Esports announcing its full list of members, it has been confirmed that Morgan Ashurst, Bryony-Hope Green, Milly Clay, Freya Spiers, Giulia Zecchini, Tasha Jones and Dominika Szot have left the committee.

Women In Esports was established by the British Esports Federation, the national body for esports in the UK. Founded in 2016, the organisation aims to improve the legitimacy of esports as well as support current and future talent.

British Esports’ partners include the NSPCC, Leadership Skills Foundation and Level Infinite.

In October last year, British Esports received backlash for potentially undermining the values of its Women In Games initiative following a partnership with the Saudi Esports Federation. The federation is run by the Saudi Arabian government, which has been criticised for its human rights record regarding LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights and censorship.

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