Quadrant extends peripheral partnership with JBL Quantum

Image credit: Quadrant / JBL Quantum

Esports and gaming organisation Quadrant has announced an extension to its partnership agreement with audio brand JBL’s Quantum line of gaming products throughout 2024.

JBL Quantum will continue to be Quadrant’s official headset partner, and the extension of the partnership will focus on Quadrant’s roster of talent in 2024, thus creating more content for fans of the organisation.

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Founded by Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, Quantum aims to be a competitive esports organisation that mixes in lifestyle, apparel, and gaming. The organisation is known for being heavily focused on content and apparel, rather than esports competition.

Quadrant does, however, compete in Halo and Fortnite and used to have a Rocket League roster as well. The organisation’s Halo roster is probably its most successful esports venture, competing in the Halo Championship Series as one of its partner teams.

First signed in November 2022, the partnership between JBL Quantum and Quadrant will continue to be focused on the esports company’s roster of content creators. According to Quadrant, the partnership will “tap deeper into Quadrant’s talent channels this year,” and will be focused on creating more content for fans of the esports company.

Callum Upchurch, Group Business Development Director at Quadrant, said: “With the renewal of this partnership, we are committed to delivering outstanding value that aligns with JBL Quantum’s strategic vision. We are incredibly proud of the content we produced together last year, and are excited to continue this journey, pushing the boundaries of gaming with the help of JBL Quantum’s sound technology.”

Quadrant notably received a substantial seven-figure investment earlier this year, and brought William Jonathan Lenney, known as WillNE, on board as a co-owner. The investment, aimed at further growing the brand, was announced with a focus on more content and the creation of a subscription platform.

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