Shikenso Analytics partners with Complexity

Image credit: Shikenso Analytics / Complexity Gaming

German esports data and analytics platform Shikenso Analytics has announced a partnership with North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming.

Shikenso Analytics will provide Complexity with access to its set of AI-powered partnership analysis tools, helping the organisation track brand exposure across different platforms and channels.

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Complexity Gaming is one of the world’s oldest esports organisations, founded more than 20 years ago in 2003. Since then, the company has competed in numerous esports titles and tournaments and won dozens of titles. The organisation was bought back by its Founder Jason Lake earlier this year after three years under GameSquare ownership.

The partnership with Shikenso will allow Complexity better insights into its partnerships and sponsorships by analysing the content across social media and video.

Shikenso’s tools work by watching streams and social media posts and analysing the presence of branded content such as sponsor logos. By making sense of this data, Complexity will be able to better understand the value its channels have for partners, enabling the company to negotiate better partnerships and sponsorships in the future.

The North American organisation joins a large roster of companies that have partnered with Shikenso, including tournament organiser PGL, fellow esports organisation Team Liquid, European esports brand GIANTX and others.

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