AGON by AOC launches new C27G2Z3 monitor

AGON by AOC launches new C27G2Z3 monitor
Image credit: AOC

Gaming hardware brand AOC has announced the latest product in its recently updated series of AGON by AOC budget gaming monitors, the C27G2Z3.

The new screen features a Full HD resolution, 280Hz refresh rate, a curved VA panel and a 1ms response time. The monitor will be available for under £200.

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While AGON by AOC is the overarching name for all of the company’s gaming efforts, the AGON by AOC brand is itself divided into several tiers. The AOC Gaming series of monitors is the Taiwanese company’s budget range of products, featuring several notable features for gamers, but missing out on high resolutions to keep the price low.

Above AOC Gaming sits the AGON lineup, which itself sits under AGON PRO, AOC’s highest-tier gaming displays.

The screen is the latest new device in the AOC Gaming lineup which has seen three new models launched this year, all aimed at the budget segment of the market. The new C27G2Z3 is the most expensive model to be released by the company in the new series, after the new G4 series of monitors and the 27G2ZN. The new model features a 1500R curvature and a VA panel, together with a very high refresh rate of 280Hz and support for HDR10 content.

AOC has made very notable progress in gaming displays in recent years and had a sizable market share of just under 30% in 2022. The company has also partnered with several notable esports brands in the past, including the likes of Brazilian esports organisation FURIA in 2023 and Red Bull for its Kumite Street Fighter 6 tournament in 2024.

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