AGON by AOC joins Red Bull Kumite as official monitor partner

06 March 2024


Red Bull Kumite 2024
Image credit: Red Bull

Gaming monitor brand AGON by AOC has teamed up with Street Fighter 6 tournament Red Bull Kumite as its official monitor partner.

The continued partnership between the company and Red Bull, which first started in 2019, sees AGON provide the event’s competitors with monitors.

ESI London 2024

For the last five years, the two brands have worked together for several competitions. In 2022, AGON sponsored 519 Red Bull events across 23 countries.

Moreover, the gaming monitor brand has also been involved with other stakeholders in the esports industry. In 2023, AGON became the exclusive provider of monitors for gaming bar Platform Shoreditch, while extending its partnership with Brazilian esports organisation FURIA.

With its Red Bull Kumite sponsorship, AGON supports the ninth iteration of the energy drink brand’s yearly Street Fighter tournament. Since its inaugural edition in 2015, the event has been held in numerous locations, including Paris, Japan, London, Las Vegas, and South Africa.

This year, 16 top Street Fighter players will compete at Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in New York on March 16th and 17th.

The competition is organised by Red Bull, with the brand being a supporter of the fighting games community and other esports franchises for many years. Red Bull regularly works with esports and hosts gaming competitions, such as 2023’s Red Bull League of Its Own. The show match event attracted 494,324 peak viewers, according to Esports Charts.

Last year, Red Bull opened the first Red Bull Gaming Hub in Australia with GameSquare and the University of Technology Sydney. The student collaboration and education venue is a joint project of numerous companies, including AOC as a monitor provider.

Most recently, Red Bull signed a multi-year partnership with Danish esports organisation Astralis.

James Melendez, President and CEO at TPV-USA (AOC), commented on the collaboration with Red Bull Kumite: “Our commitment to providing exceptional hardware to these enthusiastic competitors is unwavering.

“AOC is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience, and we are proud to contribute to the success of this iconic tournament along with our legendary partner, Red Bull.”

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