Amouranth becomes Co-Owner of Wildcard Gaming

Image credit: Kaitlyn Siragusa / Wildcard Gaming

North American esports organisation Wildcard Gaming has announced that content creator Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has joined the company as a Co-Owner.

According to a release, Siragusa has acquired a ‘significant ownership stake’ in the company and will help grow and scale the organisation in the future. No further financial details were shared.

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Siragusa is most known for being a widely popular streamer and content creator in North America, with more than 14m followers across various platforms such as X (3.7m), Kick (240,000), Twitch (6.3m) and OnlyFans. Currently, she livestreams on platforms Kick and Twitch. In April 2024, she was banned from Twitch for the 10th time for violating community guidelines.

While Wildcard Gaming is her first venture into esports, Siragusa has invested in a range of ventures in the past, including gas stations, a horse ranch and an orchard.

The news of Siragusa’s investment comes shortly after Wildcard Gaming announced a rebrand, bringing back some of its former design elements, such as the stylised jester hat. Wildcard Gaming operates from Houston, Texas — the same city as Siragusa — and competes in games such as Dota 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege. Through the new investment, the company plans to build a performance centre and office space in Houston.

The company has also announced that Siragusa will be a part of the upcoming Rainbow Six watch parties for the Rainbow Six Pro League later this year. Siragusa will also help support the organisation by amplifying its reach through social media channels. Additionally, the organisation is also exploring the idea of entering new esports titles later this year.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, the Co-Owner of Wildcard Gaming, commented: “I’ve always had my eye on esports. I have admired what other creators like DisguisedToast and MoistCrit1kal have done with their own organisations. In my conversations with organisations and research, Wildcard felt like the best opportunity to help shape a growing organisation.”

As Siragusa mentioned, the streamer is not the first creator to invest heavily in an esports organisation, with the likes of Moist Esports (MoistCrit1kal and Ludwig) and Disguised Esports (DisguisedToast) being prominent creator-led esports brands. FaZe Banks, another creator and founder of FaZe Clan, recently bought 25.5% of FaZe Media to grow its IP.

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