Bayes Esports and PrizePicks bolster fantasy esports in North America

Bayes x PrizePicks
Image credit: Bayes Esports

Esports data company Bayes Esports has announced a partnership with US fantasy sports provider PrizePicks.

As a result of the deal, PrizePicks will be able to provide a more enhanced esports fantasy offering by utilising official esports data received by Bayes Esports.

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Since its formation in 2014, Bayes Esports has gone on to secure notable data partnerships with the likes of ESL FACEIT Group, BLAST Premier and, most recently, the Esports World Cup. Through these deals, Bayes provides official data to companies to enhance their offerings, which has led to partnerships with bookmakers like GG.BET and betting data providers such as DATA.BET.

As part of the partnership, PrizePicks will be provided with a range of Bayes Esports solutions. This includes live match data, historic data and widgets for media, the latter of which delivers real-time cumulative statistics and interactive 2-D maps. Bayes Esports’ data will be available to fantasy operators in all North American states where fantasy gaming is permitted.

According to Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO & Managing Director at Bayes Esports, via a press release, the partnership also expands Bayes Esports’ presence in North America. In late 2022, Bayes Esports notably expanded into Canada through a partnership with bet365.

With over 5m community members and over 500,000 Discord members, PrizePicks is one of the largest paid fantasy sports operators in North America. PrizePicks is also the first fantasy operator in the United States to integrate Bayes Esports’ data into its operations.

Adam Boothe, Director of Esports at PrizePicks, commented: “In order to provide our members with the best esports products in North America, we needed to partner with the highest quality esports data providers. Counter-Strike is our fourth biggest market and through our partnership with Bayes Esports we can continue offering this title 365 days a year.

“We recognised a gap in the North American esports space and recently launched The Esports Lab, a media lab and education site for non-esports fantasy players. Bayes Esports data is powering CS2 and Dota 2 for a detailed stats experience not found anywhere else in our region.”

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