Logitech releases low profile G515 keyboard

Image credit: Logitech G

Hardware manufacturer Logitech has announced a new series of gaming keyboards called the 500 Series. G515 LIGHTSPEED TKL Wireless is the official name of the new board.

The keyboard is, as its name suggests, a tenkeyless wireless design, with its standout feature being its low profile switches and overall slimmer design.

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The new keyboard is an upgrade to the G915, a keyboard that launched in 2020 and featured a low-profile body and switches. The G915 was one of the first keyboards in the world to offer low-profile switches and wireless capabilities, and has proven to be a popular model in the Logitech G lineup. The new G515 follows in the same footsteps but with several new and upgraded features.

The board is around 22mm tall and surprisingly has a lot of features users might not expect in this form factor, like foam sound dampening, lubricated switches and integrated stabilisers. The keyboard also has Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC RGB and KEYCONTROL technologies built-in, around 36 hours of battery life and two colour options. Logitech offers two switch options, linear and tactile (red and brown variations).

Arnaud Perret-Gentil, Head of PC Gaming at Logitech G, commented on the new product: “With the iconic G915 gaming keyboard, Logitech G delivered a first-of-its-kind low-profile keyboard renowned for its exceptional quality, top-tier performance and premium design. With the G515, we’ve maintained the sleek design while also introducing our latest technology innovations.”

Although a part of the Logitech G lineup of products aimed at gamers, the keyboard is also aimed towards those users who spend a lot of time typing between gaming sessions, due to the benefits low profile switches bring to the typing experience. The low-profile switches can best be described as a step in between laptop keyboards and mechanical keyboards.

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