Ludwig’s Offbrand partners with Pirate Software to launch game publishing company

Offbrand, a creative studio and digital company co-created by streamer Ludwig Ahgren and Mogul Moves President Nick Allen, has expanded into game publishing.

Called Offbrand Games, the new publisher is a joint venture between Offbrand and Jason ‘Thor’ Hall, known as the creator of independent games studio Pirate Software.

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Offbrand was launched in late 2022 as a creative venture that helped brands connect with creators through content. The company is now expanding into game publishing with a strong focus on indie games and studios. During a live stream held at IGN Live, Ahgren and Hall noted that indie studios are often let down by publishers, which is something the new brand aims to fix.

Hall brings years of games industry experience to Offbrand Games, having worked at Blizzard Entertainment and Amazon Games Studios before creating Pirate Software. Hall has been appointed as the Director of Strategy for Offbrand Games. The publisher also announced its first game, Rivals 2 created by Aether Studios, which is available on Steam.

In addition to announcing the creation of a new publishing arm of Offbrand, the company has announced that it will introduce changes to its business model to be worker cooperative, providing better conditions to employees. This means that every Offbrand employee will get a say in the company’s policies and that the profits will be split equally with every member of the team.

CEO and Co-Founder of Offbrand, Nick Allen, commented on the launch through social media: “We’re launching Offbrand Games, the video game publishing arm of our business. From the beginning, our goal was to deepen creator ties to game developers and create mutually beneficial partnerships for all involved. Over a year in the making, we’re bringing that vision to life.”

Ivan Šimić
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