Mentos partners with the Esports World Cup

Image credit: Mentos / Esports World Cup Foundation

Multi-title esports tournament Esports World Cup has partnered with Scotch mint brand Mentos, with a particular focus on its Mentos Gum chewing gum brand.

As the official chewing gum supplier for the EWC, Mentos will host activations and open several booths throughout the EWC grounds, where visitors will compete.

ESI Lisbon 2024

The Esports World Cup sees 21 games hosting major tournaments and features the largest-ever prize pool in esports ($60m). The event takes place throughout July and August in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The first round of competitions finished over the last weekend, with the League of Legends tournament recording an impressive viewership figure of over 1m peak viewers.

According to Mentos and the EWC Foundation, the partnership aims to focus on relaxation and “keeping playtime fresh while maintaining a joyful and positive atmosphere.” Moreover, the mint brand has noted that the deal continues its investment into gaming communities and young audiences in the MENA region.

Despite the event securing a range of commercial partners such as Amazon, adidas, TikTok and Pepsi, the Esports World Cup has attracted controversy due to its close connection to the Saudi Arabian government. This is largely due to the country’s human rights record, particularly towards LGBTQ+ communities and Women’s rights.

Milad Rouhana, Managing Director Perfetti Van Melle EMEA, commented: “Our collaboration with the Esports World Cup is a fantastic way to engage authentically with the esports community, highlighting the importance of reducing stress at all levels of competition.

“We’re excited to support the best esports athletes in the MEA region while creating genuine in-person touch points for fans at the festival.”

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