Razer releases ‘Snap Tap’ mode to Huntsman V3 Pro keyboard line

Razer snap tap mode
Image credit: Razer

Hardware brand Razer has released a new feature for its Huntsman V3 Pro lineup of gaming keyboards, called Snap Tap.

The feature allows for a keystroke to be registered without requiring the release of a previously pressed key. The mode aims to improve responsiveness and performance mostly in FPS games.

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It is quite unusual for a hardware brand to release an entirely new feature through an update, but Razer has made Snap Tap available to all Huntsman V3 Pro owners through a software update in the Razer Synapse, its companion app. As of right now, other products are not supported with the mode.

The feature itself, while difficult to explain, is very simple. With Snap Tap turned on, the keyboard will register the second press of a key without the need to release the first key. In practice, this means that the player can hold the A key to move left and tap the D key to quickly move right. Releasing the D key will have the player character continue moving left.

This is advantageous in FPS games such as Counter-Strike, where so-called “counter-strafing” is used by players to see around corners, for example. Razer admits that “milliseconds” might be gained by using the Snap Tap feature as opposed to simply counter-strafing manually, but the company also adds that enabling users easier control makes for a better experience and offers an advantage.

Interestingly, another hardware company, Wooting, announced a similar feature it calls “Rappy Snappy” for its 80HE model, however, Wooting’s 80HE has yet to reach the market. As of right now, the 80HE model will be available in September 2024.

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