Coca-Cola in esports: the Power Level Cup

19 October 2016


Coca-Cola announced this week the introduction of the “Power Level Cup”. The initiative takes two Swedish esports players – Henrik ‘AdmiralBulldog’ Ahnberg and Zaiban ‘zAAz’ Turkie and matches them up with two Swedish celebrities: Eric Saade and Ace Wilder. The challenge is for the two to be trained from “n00b” to “pro” in popular game Rocket League.

Credit: Coca Cola

The page, found here: is all in Swedish and so too is the video. It’s clear that Coke have done their research as they’ve targeted one of the most successful esports countries of all time with some extremely popular and well established esports talent. 

AdmiralBulldog won Valve’s flagship Dota 2 event, The International, three years ago with Alliance and zAAz is currently signed under Team Secret‘s CS:GO all-female team who are well-established as one of, if not the best female team in the scene. Notably, AdmiralBulldog is now amongst the most popular English speaking Dota 2 streamers. 

From what we understand, the two esports players will train their partner and the two celebrities will then go head to head in a live match at Inferno Online on November 5

Esports Insider: it’s a shame that they don’t have English subtitles on the video because it’s definitely something that would be of interest! We see this as a strong piece of marketing from Coca-Cola as it not only encapsulates the esports crowd which is substantial in Sweden but also the general public. Personally, we can’t see this being received badly in Scandinavia but then again, our team here at Esports Insider lacks a Swedish speaker or anyone with a firm understanding of Swedish popular culture. Time to get studying…