The event for the

video games creator economy

20 October 2023


The Creator Economy is booming. So is the video games sector. From YouTube to Twitch, to TikTok, Netflix, Instagram, Roblox, Fortnite, PlayStation, Xbox and more, there are numerous platforms vying for the attention & engagement of the masses, and there are evermore big name creative content creators, with a love for games, and with follower counts that make the eyes water across these.

With this comes the interest of brands, advertisers, and investors. With this too comes opportunity, for Creators to build their own brands and business empires, and for others to work with them to support and realise those dreams and ambitions. But where do they meet, and where does each respective party find out the latest trends, insights and vital information?

Enter checkpoint.

The industry focused business event focused on the Creator Economy x Video Games.

Workshops, main stage talks, and meaningful, productive conversations (and great socials). It’s all here.


For its first edition, checkpoint will align with the world’s esports industry festival; ESI London on 20th October 2023. At BOXPARK Wembley, expect the best F&B and atmosphere on the conference circuit. As the creator economy continues to boom, checkpoint will provide invaluable insights into the latest trends and developments.


If you’ve any questions about involving your brand in checkpoint., or any ideas or opportunities to discuss please reach out via [email protected], or directly to any team members.