Paris Saint-Germain the latest to enter esports stratosphere

06 October 2016


Paris Saint-Germain officially announced its partnership with media group Webedia earlier this week.

Paris Saint-Germain creates an eSport franchise with the Webedia group
Credit: PSG

Webedia was founded in 2007 and has since built a global network of media brands which bring web-traffic of over 90 million unique visitors per month. It houses some of the most well-known brands in French esports, including Millenium and Oxent.

Millenium are a traditional esports team with players in League of LegendsHearthstoneCall of Duty and various other titles. Oxent is an events organiser, best known for ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup).

The announcement also revealed an investment in Bang Bang Management a global esports marketing and talent representation agency who manage some of the biggest esports players across the globe and also have strong connections with huge esports powerhouses such as Fnatic.

Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Germain’s Director of Merchandising and Brand Diversification, announced: “We are venturing into this sector with a great deal of ambition and are eager to insert our Rouge & Bleu teams into the history of these new disciplines. We consider Webedia to be the best partner for making this historic launch a success.”

Cédric Page, Managing Director of Webedia Gaming, commented: We are proud to guide Paris Saint-Germain in this new venture, whose aim is to place the club at the highest international level in eSport. Our objective is to develop this great brand worldwide, using this growing phenomenon as our basis, thanks to our expertise in the sector and our editorial assets which are leaders in their respective markets.”

Paris Saint-Germain will hold a press conference at the end of October to reveal further details of their esports franchise.

Esports insider: This is a move that comes with some serious intent. Webedia are very well established in the scene and it will be interesting to see how the partnership pans out. It may cause a chain reaction amongst the big sporting clubs as they seek to launch themselves into the esports domain.