Scrub League Weekly – Girls on Games, Weedmaps & esports comedy

24 October 2016


Catherine Smith-Desbiens, Girls on Games

Scrub League gets down to the naked truth this week, with an honest discussion about female sexuality in gaming with Girls on Games Co-Founder Catherine Smith-Desbiens

The GoG co-editor in chief gives her honest take on everything from Street Fighter’s ridiculous treatment of female characters, to VR porn.

Next, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha light the funeral pyre for the now defunct StarCraft Pro League, and discuss what this means for the SC II scene as a whole.

Later on, Kevin gets lit about a medical marijuana finding app that’s sponsoring Smash Summit 3, which seems like a weird mix given Nintendo’s ultra family friendly reputation, and Sam is giddy with excitement over a new esports comedy show premiering on YouTube Red from Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon.

Of course, the Scrubs couldn’t leave Nintendo’s newly announced ‘Switch’ console alone either. Splatoon filling a sports stadium? What were they thinking.

All that and more this week from our Canadian friends at Scrub League!