Astralis win ECS Season 2 Finals

12 December 2016


The Esports Championship Series (ECS) Season 2 Finals came to a close yesterday evening after three solid days of CS:GO and it was Astralis who emerged champions. astralis-ecs-win

The Danish team took home the $250,000 (£199,900) grand prize and made up for their disappointment in the ELEAGUE finals last week. It was in fact a rematch of the ELEAGUE showdown with Astralis getting the better of OpTic Gaming this time around. 

Teams that took part in season two of the ECS league earned all the benefits of season one participants, including co-ownership in the league and the opportunity to select representation on the league’s governing committee.

The ECS provided a collective $1.75m (£1.39m) for the second season that went towards the league’s prize pool and supportive funds to help bolster player stability. This includes helping organisations provide better salaries, facilities and equipment that will improve the overall conditions and welfare for players, while furnishing the ecosystem of the ECS with a more structured framework to operate within.

Esports Insider says: Great to see another European side succeeding in ECS, and impressive that Astralis bounced back so quickly after their ELEAGUE defeat to hold their composure and take the win.