Betting preview: the Boston Major Day Two

08 December 2016


We’ve chosen a double on Betway for day two of the Boston Major that seems to represent pretty good value. The second day of competition sees the remainder of the Round of 16 games being played out and another four teams being sent home before the tournament moves into the quarter final stages.


Team NP to beat EHOME, LGD to beat LGD Forever Young – 2.73/1

The first selection is priced favourably at 2.10 as a standalone and we can’t really see why. Whilst NP aren’t the most established team in the world, they’re a cohesive roster that can play at an extremely high level when they play their best Dota.

Chinese roster EHOME on the other hand are a team that hasn’t got into their stride in Boston thus far, and with murmurs of internal conflict rife, it’s not a team that we believe warrant their favourite tag going into this match-up.

Our second selection that we recommend adding into a simple multiple is LGD to beat their sister team LGD Forever Young (odds of 1.30). LGD were brought into the competiton last minute but they looked exceptionally strong in the group stages. LGD Forever Young truly struggled in the group stages and 1.30 seems pretty generous for what should be one of the most straight forward series in the tournament.