Scrub League Weekly – NYChrisG, Evo and esports apparel

28 December 2016


Scrub League can’t get enough of the FGC, especially when we get to chat with personalities like Chris Gonzales, a.k.a. NYChris G. The EVO 2016 Marvel vs. Capcom champ and Street Fighter veteran chats with the scrubs about SFV’s season 2 changes and meta, what led him to work his way up to the tiers in League of Legends and what’s next for him as a professional gamer and streamer.

The Smashbox makes another appearance on the cast, as Scrub League hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha have some differing views on the evolution of devices in the world of Smash Bros. Should new input devices be outright banned or are innovative tools like the Smashbox part of the growth of the scene?

Sports fans like to wear their love for a team or a player on their sleeve (literally) and it looks like team Fnatic sees esports going the same way. As Fnatic’s pop-up apparel shop gets a good reception in England, the Scrubs discuss if clothing can or should be an integral part of esports. Is it an exercise in good branding and a good way for teams to bring in some extra money or a distracting, unnecessary sideshow?

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Happy holidays and glhf from Scrub League and Esports Insider!