Students of esports…eSportsRDA’s mentorship program deadline is today

07 December 2016


Want to work in esports but in need of some guidance? Or are you involved but need a leg-up? A company called eSportsRDA is heeding this call by putting on a month long esports mentorship program offering an education, free of charge, for a selected group. 

Walter Sosa, eSportsRDA
Walter Sosa, eSportsRDA

This will include an online curriculum, workshops and each student will be assigned a leader who will become their mentor for the duration. It’s a part of the company’s ‘eSports Initiative Program’ and is a rendition of the paid services they offer. 

Those wishing to apply should do so quickly however, as the deadline is today. It’s open to would be teams, players, coaches, analysts, casters, journalists and more. In short anyone who wishes to work in the esports industry in some professional capacity, or those already do but feel they could do with a leg up, may apply.

We had a chat with Walter Sosa, Managing Director at eSportsRDA

Esports Insider: Hi Walter, can you tell us who the leaders that are overseeing the program are, and the partners involved in putting this course on?

Walter: Right now I can’t disclose too much in terms of our Leadership Instructors and Mentors or our partners. This is because they are going through the rough stage of being solidified and vetted for the process. However I can tell you they are leaders in esports organisations, businesses, brands, and technology. This hasn’t been done before, especially at our scale. They will be announced individually to help introduce them to the Academy for December.

I will be heading up the Academy as the Lead Instructor, however the designated Leaders will take up an Instructor role to assist in the curriculum, presentations, micromanagement, and pairing up with a Student.

ESI: What’s the interest been like so far? Who’s applying?

Walter: The eSports Mentorship Program is part of eSportsRDA’s global initiative to empower everyone in the industry. It’s not a secret, not everyone can afford psychologists, managers, coaches, and analysts. We offer a comprehensive service at a competitive price to ensure we are growing the industry from the inside.

Teaching new curriculum through our unique Academy structure. We have already received over 30 applications from owners of esports organisations, consultants, analysts, and prospect executives. Our Academy will teach them through practical and theoretical curriculum that will instill new procedures, regulations, and other training that can be applied throughout the esports landscape.

We’ve had small time organisation owners. Esports players, managers, and business owners in product and service. There have also been applications from a couple of students, and a lot of 9-5’rs who truly see this Academy being a game changer. That’s the beginning of the process. Turning applicants who are committed into decision-makers, starting off by making that first decision to commit to the bigger picture.

ESI: How were the leaders chosen and how are the applicants being vetted?

Walter: We’re slowly revealing our Leaders on a daily basis. All of the Leaders involved were vetted for their commitment to the industry across many different fields. We wanted decision-makers who were ready to assume the mantle of Leader, to give Students the opportunity to learn and grow, slowly and steadily soaking up information that they could use almost immediately to better their brand, business, product, community, organisation, and personal life.

They like that the Students had to meet ethical standards, checklists which were assessed through out vetting process, to ensure they were capable of handling this commitment. Among other things such as interviews, calls, follow-ups, schedule commitments, and diversity in class.

Interested parties must meet the following criteria:-
  • Players, brands, businesses must meet strict ethical practices
  • Players, brands, businesses must be able to work with our strict schedule
  • Players, brands, businesses must be operating at the time of application
  • Players, brands, businesses must be over the age of 17+ at the time of application
  • Players, brands, businesses must be able to access VOIP software (microphone+headset) and internet browsers with internet access

Any further questions Walter can be contacted via email ([email protected]), or eSportsRDA is taking AMA’s about the academy here until the cut off.