Betclic sponsors new French FIFA 17 streaming channel

17 January 2017


Théophile Monnier, Eclypsia

Eclypsia has launched a new streaming channel dedicated to FIFA 17 coverage and Betclic has come on board as a sponsor. 

The FIFA scene in France has seen considerable attention lately; Orange became the title sponsor of the e-ligue1 and with Eclypsia’s support too it’s well placed to blow up this year. Eclypsia runs some of France’s most popular Twitch channels in the form of League of Legends coverage and chat shows.

Whether FIFA can compete and attract viewers in a realm it’s yet to have much success is another question, though Eclypsia has signed up the likes of Nathan “Sneaky”, Marvyn “Aero”, Arsène “AF5”, Sabri “Chnewar”, Brian “Brian,” and Corentin “Rocky”. On Friday night it peaked at just over 5,000 concurrent viewers too according to TEO which isn’t too bad a start. 

Théophile Monnier, Director of Eclypsia commented: “2017 marks a turning point for the development of esports. We are very proud to accompany this trend, and to have brought together such a talented team around this very ambitious project.”

Esports Insider says: This is seemingly a strong indication that the likes of Betclic, a major player in gambling in France, believes there is sufficient interest in FIFA for betting markets to emerge.