Twitch to launch desktop application on March 16th

Streaming giant Twitch have announced the Twitch Desktop App which is set to be launched on March 16th. 

Credit: Twitch

Following the acquisition of Curse in August 2016, Twitch is set to launch the beta version of its Desktop App on March 16th. The blog to announce the app reveals: “Over the past few months, our teams have been hard at work merging the best of the Curse platform to create our own Twitch experience”. 

The application is set to have far reaching scope that not only enhances the Twitch viewing experience but also embeds the Curse addon/mod community that the brand was renowned for. 

The application will allow users to create Twitch servers, for a community to access and a friends list which allows not only for users to see what their friends are watching but also to voice and video call others in just a click. Added to that private chat and voice rooms for communities and it certainly adds to the existing Twitch experience.

Additionally, the Twitch Desktop App will allow users to purchase and download games through the application.

It comes as the latest in a string of moves which may see Twitch the complete package. Although indirectly, they’re offering themselves as a feasible alternative to Steam through facilitating purchases whilst rivalling the likes of Skype and Discord who have established themselves as the voice communication of choice amongst gaming communities.

Many a Twitch partner and personality have dedicated Discord servers for those that subscribe to the channel where the users can share content, enter voice rooms and plenty more. The launch of the application certainly, on face value, appears to be a move to capture that specific audience as they look to capture another area of the market.

Esports Insider says: Twitch has loads of fantastic ideas in the pipeline and this is another. Discord (in our opinion) is by far and away the most convenient gaming app for voice communication and content sharing at the moment but this could change the game as we see it. We look forward to downloading the application on Thursday and seeing what it’s all about.