GiGse will explore the marriage of esports and gaming

12 April 2017


Esports is set to play a big part at the 2017 edition of  GiGse (April 26 – 28, Marriott Marquis Marina, San Diego) with sessions looking at how the gambling sector can gain a market share of the economy. 

Sadie Walters, GiGse

It will look at this relationship both in terms of igaming and casinos. Day 1’s Talking Heads session, entitled ‘Our relationship with esports – we’re moving in together!’ will feature the likes of Adam Steinberg, Senior Vice President, Spectrum Gaming Group; Kingsley Edwards, Founder and CEO, Leet; Seth Schorr, CEO, Fifth Street Gaming and Dan Kelly, Principal, The Factory Network.  

The debates will include how operators can refine their casino based esports offering, how to monetise the tournament industry as well as posing the question of whether there is a conversion between on-premise esports activity and casino revenue?

Sadie Walters, Conference Manager responsible for GiGse said: “With architects confidently predicting the development of purpose built state of the art esports arenas and the very real possibility of esports becoming an Olympic event, perhaps as early as Tokyo 2020, the commercial opportunities for gaming entrepreneurs are huge.”

When it comes to Las Vegas and casinos, there is unmatched potential for these to be used to hold mid-level esports tournaments in their venues. Only yesterday it was announced that Esports Arena, in partnership with Allied Esports, is re-vamping a 30,000 square foot nightclub space in the Luxor on the Strip for a dedicated esports venue.

Nearby in the downtown part of the city, Millennial Esports has its 200 seater venue at the Neonopolis. This is a company which recently saw a $2m cash injection. 

Sadie Walters added: “Gaming is one of the earliest adopters of new technology and the marriage with esports could be one made in heaven.”

GiGse offers a solid opportunity to prepare gaming brands for the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. With a focus on ‘unconventional thinking’ it will explore the technology, innovations and potential regulatory hurdles facing all gaming brands operating in North America.

Esports Insider says: The likes of Seth Schoor are extremely well placed to discuss how esports and casinos can work best together. As the Chairman of the Downtown Grand he’s seen the potential of these two linking up for some time, and if you happen to be in San Diego for GiGse 2017 stop by and listen.