Team Liquid and Mobalytics join forces

Team Liquid has today announced a partnership with Mobalytics, a gaming analytics company. The companies will work together, aiming to further advance the role of analytics in professional League of Legends. 

Credit: Mobalytics

The partnership will see Team Liquid’s coaches, players and analysts work closely with Mobalytics ahead of the start of the League of Legends 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. The Mobalytics platform offers insights to professionals on how to enhance and develop talent and focus on optimal competitive performance. The company won TechCrunch’s StartUp Battlefield at DisruptSF 2016 (pictured above). 

“Video games like League of Legends are incredibly complex, with ever-changing dynamics, game states and win conditions,” said Dr. Amine Issa, co-Founder, Mobalytics. Our vision was to build the best performance analytics platform the gaming world has ever seen and we now are excited to leverage the resources we acquired since winning TechCrunch’s StartUp Battlefield last year to make this vision a visceral reality.”

“I’ve been a supporter of Mobalytics’ rigorous work, data quality and unique dynamic visualisation since I worked with Amine when Team Curse was rocking the legendary lineup of Voy, Saint, and Nyjacky,” said Steve Arhancet, co-CEO of Team Liquid. “As we scrim and prepare for the Summer Split, partnering with Mobalytics arms us with best-in-class technology to help the players optimise performance and I can’t wait to see what this unique perspective will bring to the team.”

“A lot of companies have attempted to do data analytics in League of Legends before, but Mobalytics is the first that I’ve worked with that has been able to look below the surface of bread and butter damage and kill-score and do analysis in a way that actually provides value to a professional League of Legends team”, said Josh “Jarge” Smith, Head Analyst, Team Liquid. “I’ve been working closely with Dr. Issa and his team and think that Mobalytics’ vision for what data-driven analysis can be, closely matches my own. I’m incredibly excited to work with them and believe that this will be the beginning of a hugely successful partnership.”

Esports Insider says: We’re seeing the rise and prevalence of professional teams using data analysts to compliment their existing coaches across multiple esports now. Congratulations to both Mobalytics and Team Liquid on the new partnership.