Warner Bros. announce esports schedule for Injustice 2 before it’s released

It’s safe to say that Warner Bros. has its sights firmly set on the esports scene. It’s upcoming FGC game Injustice 2 has already had its esports schedule announced. 

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Warner Bros. have partnered with ESL, Gamelta, GameStop and Playstation 4 to bring a series of tournaments ultimately culminating in the Pro Series Finals. They’ve already committed an impressive $600,000 in prize money towards their scene and it’s open to anyone around the world. 

The Pro Series begins on May 26th at Combo Breaker in Chicago, and will end with the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals in mid-to-late September. The full schedule can be found here. Each tournament will provide ranking – with (one would assume) more weighting for Premier and Ranking tournaments than merely online. The intricate details of the ranking system have not yet been revealed, however.

There’s also details of the Injustice 2- Path to Pro which will be run by ESL for a European audience. The Latin American league is set to be run by Gamelta and for the North American audience they’ve tailored the tournament significantly. The partnership with Gamestop will see a series of local events (following online qualifiers) held in Gamestop shops around the USA. The Latin American league is open to Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru with each country having a separate portal with details of their tournament. 

The prize money available for the Pro Series is upwards of $300,000. The ESL Path to Pro has $20,000 up for grabs whilst GameStop and Liga Latina have $5,000 apiece. 

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see a company outline their esports intentions before the release. It’s a polar opposite approach to Blizzard but now there’s sure to be interest from those looking to pick their next game. Another game to add to the ever-growing FGC circuit as well.