Blizzard Arena to open in Los Angeles with Overwatch Contenders next month

Blizzard has announced that it will open a brand new live-event destination for esports competitions in Los Angelas

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The release states that the Burbank, California venue will be designed and kitted out specifically for esports competitors and the fans that come to watch. There’ll be a dedicated merchandise store which will rotate a selection of gear and goods depending on which game title is being played at a certain event. 

The initial indication is that Overwatch and Hearthstone events have already been scheduled at the arena, but we wouldn’t write off it playing host to the developer’s other esports titles such as Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm. Potentially World of Warcraft fans may even be treated to some live PvP action from the new Californa facility. 

Interestingly, multiple broadcasts can be run and facilitated from the Blizzard Arena at any one time. There’s set to be multiple sound stages, control rooms and player lounges throughout the facility. 

The grand opening event will be the Overwatch Contenders Playoffs which will run the weekend of October 7-8th, so there’s not long left until the new facility opens. The top Overwatch Contenders teams from Europe and North America will battle it out and grace the arena for the first time. Tickets are already available for the event. 

Additionally, October 13th has been earmarked as the date for the Hearthstone Championship Tour which will take over the arena with $250,000 on the line for the best competitors. The best of the event will qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship in 2018. 

There’s also indication that the Overwatch League will be played at the Blizzard Arena, although with each franchise requiring an arena per reports, it’s unclear as to how much competition the venue will see.

 Esports Insider says: Blizzard’s second arena following their earlier arena in Taipei. It opens next month and sounds impressive, so we look forward to seeing it.