Super League Gaming creates SuperLeagueTV, a digital network for amateur esports

03 April 2018


Super League Gaming has launched SuperLeagueTV, a digital network built to showcase amateur esports on streaming platform Twitch.

Made live on April 2nd, the network will first stream competitive matches from Super League’s City Champs tournaments, which are played on League of Legends and Minecraft. Not only that – original programming will be on the channel, forging narratives for the competitions.

Super League Gaming

SuperLeagueTV will broadcast from Ultimate Media Ventures, the production partner of Super League Gaming, offering commentary and analysis during the top matches. The channel kicked off this week with the League of Legends City Champs season, and will see known figures from the esports industry come on to host and commentate. This includes play-by-play commentary from Alexander “Opal” Archumbault and Alex “Mad Magical” Whieldon.

Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming said the following in a statement: “Super League Gaming is a player-first company. SuperLeagueTV is a player-first network. We are creating a channel dedicated to the massive community of amateur gamers seeking opportunities to play their sport in a trusted, competitive environment where they also can create lasting real-world connections. SuperLeagueTV is a natural extension of our core value proposition.”

Initially, SuperLeagueTV will span over multiple nights during the week, showcasing gameplay surrounded by both pre-match and post-match content such as interviews and profiles. The network is expected to include more features later in 2018.

Super League Gaming has 16 gaming clubs across the United States which compete against each other, allowing players of all skill levels to get involved. These city-based clubs include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see a network dedicated to players who aren’t quite playing at a professional level, but are looking to get there some day. It sounds like something of a unique offering, and with additional content such as interviews, it could be an interesting way to see the next wave of pros pave their way into the top tier of competition.