Sports agency KemperLesnik opens esports division

Chicago-based public relations from and sports marketing agency KemperLesnik has decided to open up its very own esports division.

KemperLesnik historically works with commercial and traditional sports brands, but first forayed into the esports industry when it worked with Riot Games on the 2018 League of Legends College Championship.


This newly-announced esports division will work within the industry by producing esports events, creating relationships between sponsors and companies, offering consultancy with esports game developers, and leading brand activations for sponsors within the scene. KemperLesnik will additionally “lead messaging and position strategy, drive mainstream media coverage, execute social media campaigns,” and plenty of other activities.

Tom Valdiserri, EVP, Co-Managing Director of KemperLesnik said: “Intense competition in esports creates passionate fans, and passion for sports is in our DNA. We look forward to harnessing the power of esports to connect brands with fans, shift perceptions and make emotional connections via content marketing.”

A sample of KemperLesnik’s existing or past clients includes McDonalds, the NFL Draft, CBS Sports Classic, PwC, the Jr. NBA Youth Basketball Leadership Conference, and the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

Amy Littleton, EVP, Co-Managing Director of KemperLesnik also commented: “We have built our agency over 40 years utilizing sports to build brands and engage with audiences. Esports is the next frontier of competition and fandom in sports, and we are using our talent and expertise to help esports continue its emergence into mainstream sporting culture.”

Esports Insider says: KemperLesnik has plenty of experience in traditional sports,  bringing that over into the world of esports seems like a positive move for all. Working with Riot Games on a League of Legends tournament was a major first step into the industry, so we’re curious as to what we should expect next.