ESI Job Picks – Find the job for you in esports – August Edition

How do you land that dream job in esports? With the industry growing at an almost alarming rate, there are more roles emerging all the time with more talent across the board required to sustain and continue this growth.

This is where we come in. Each month we will look through a selection of our favourite current jobs over on Hitmarker and share them with you, our readers, in the hope of landing you a career in our wonderful industry.

Ubisoft – Guildford, United Kingdom – UK Esports & Community Engagement Manager – Full-Time (6 month contract)

Ubisoft are well know in gaming, from popular series like Assasins Creed, to emerging esports scenes in Rainbow Six Siege and to a lesser extent For Honor. Ubisoft has always been a solid horse to back in the industry and the company is looking to the UK for its next big esports hire as they look for a UK Esports & Community Engagement Manager.

The role will see you assist the Ubisoft Brand, PR & Digital Manager in planning social engagement in the UK across social and community platforms, the focus being on the Tom Clancy & Siege series. The role requires good organisation skills, a proactive attitude and a passion for the Tom Clancy games, its community and esports scene. The job is full-time but contracted for 6 months.

You can apply for this job here

Red Bull – Santa Monica (California), United States – Athlete Manager – Full-Time

Ninja sponsored by Red Bull

Red Bull, from their sponsoring of high octane sports, X-Games, owning Football teams and having their own F1 team, the company is known the world over, less so for their actual drink and more so for the aforementioned sports teams. Red Bull is taking steps to increase its presence in the gaming scene with a new edition to their esports staff with a new role as Athlete Manager in their gaming division.

The role will require you to have intimate knowledge of the global competitive landscape, manage projects and act as the company’s primary liaison. The role will also require you to develop talent, acquire athlete’s, hone their skills, negotiate contracts and support them. The role requires over 3 years experience in esports with a preference for people who have worked in the management or marketing fields.

You can apply for this job here

Method – Remote – Battle Royale Manager – Part-Time

Method, an esports team most famous for its impeccable history in World of Warcraft. From world 1st raid clears to WoW Arena championships. In that last few years Method has begun a transition into a multi-game organisation, taking part in the Gfinity Elite Series, Heroes of the Storm and now, the Battle Royale genre.

Method is looking for a candidate who has 10-20 hours a week to dedicate to the role, is at least 21 and has a wealth of knowledge about both PUBG and Fortnite. The role will require you to travel, lias with Method management and handle tournament registration. So if you know all about getting that Chicken Dinner and meet Method’s other requirements, this might be the role for you.

You can apply for this job here

That wraps up this month’s list, check back in the first week of September for another set of amazing esports jobs and/or head over to