Quan Zheng Xian appointed as CMO at PUBG Corp

07 September 2018


Quan Zheng Xian, former head of esports for Riot Games Korea joined PUBG Corp as the new chief marketing officer.

This year, Bluehole through its subsidiary PUBG Corp, announced a five-year plan for its esports-scene. The plan includes a revenue-sharing system, a World Championship and professional leagues in Europe, North America, Korea, and China with the potential to expand to other regions in the future.

The company already had a taste for the competitive scene with smaller tournaments and the 2018 PUBG Global Invitational that took place in Berlin. Back in July, 20 teams competed for a piece of the $2 million (£1.55 million) prize pool. Gen. G Gold from Korea finished first and Team Liquid from North America took the second place.

PUBG is on its way to becoming a solid esports scene thanks to the five-year plan. In order to secure the proper execution of its vision, PUBG Corp appointed Quan Zheng Xian as chief marketing officer. From that position, Quan will overlook the marketing strategy as well as the esports business.

Quan worked for seven years with Riot Games as head of esports in Korea, the most competitive region in League of Legends. He was in charge of the League of Legends World Championship 2014, as well as other tournaments in the region. Quan also worked for Blizzard, EA Games and other companies in the gaming industry.

The new CMO has many years of experience growing and running competitive scenes, Quan is the kind of professional that PUBG Corp needs to accomplish the goals established for the next five years. The company is set to continue to hire experts in 2019.

Esports Insider says: It feels like every game has a battle royale mode nowadays. The companies are trying to capitalize on the popularity of the genre with mixed results. While some improvise week after week, PUBG Corp has a clear goal and a plan to accomplish said goal. It may be too early to say it, but PUBG has the potential to be the next big competition.