Critical Ops surpasses 50 million downloads as v1.0 enters beta

Critical Force, the Finnish based mobile developer has announced their mobile FPS title Critical Ops has surpassed the 50 million downloads mark which coincides with the game’s version 1.0 beta.

It was a year ago this month that the company announced the game had hit 30 million players, while in February the company announced one million daily players. The game is now ready for official release as version 1.0 rolled out to beta on November 1st with the full release expected in mid-November and will launch alongside a 24-hour stream to celebrate the milestone. Joining the stream will be influencers ROOGHZ, PELLYN and Joker Gaming.

The developer also announced changes to the names of the two opposing factions in the game. Formally known as simply Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists, the two will now be known as “The Breach” and “Coalition” respectively. The reason behind the change was: “To introduce new storytelling elements for example on the game’s social platforms. In the upcoming months, the developer will introduce new mediums in which, different kinds of players can further engage meaningfully with the world of Critical Ops.” While another reason is likely to separate the game from the obvious CS:GO comparisons.

Critical Ops will also be introducing a new monetisation method in the form of the “Critical Ops Critical Pass”. The passes will enable players to collect cases, skins, knives and credits. The pass will come in two forms, a premium Elite Pass and a free pass. The system sounds similar to what we see in games like Fortnite and Rocket league. Critical Force did confirm that the premium Elite Pass will also be purchasable with in-game credits.

Esports Insider says: Mobile games, especially esports ones always tend to get shunned. Critical Ops has so far shown that you can achieve massive success in this area and the Finnish developer will be hoping to expand their audience more in the West in the coming year, a part of the world which has always been more reluctant to embrace mobile titles.

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