Esports Arena announce partnership with Walmart

02 November 2018


Esports venue and production company, Esports Arena has announced a partnership with large US retailer, Walmart. Additionally, it has announced a new line of gaming PCs known as ‘OverPowered’ which will be exclusive to Esports Arena and Walmart.

The partnership is to operate in five different locations that will serve as an extension to pre-existing arenas. These locations will operate more or less the same with league nights during the weekdays and tournaments on the weekends. Furthermore, all arenas will be equipped with the new OverPowered equipment which includes three laptops & three PCs across multiple price brackets. 

Esports Arena is North America’s largest esports venue and production company, owning venues in Orange County, CA, Oakland, CA, Las Vegas, NV and a portable gaming truck known as ESA Drive. The company aims to bring local communities together and offer a place to showcase esports to the wider population.

Following this partnership, it will allow Esports Arena staff to consult assist Walmart customers in purchasing new gaming equipment. “We couldn’t think of a better way to provide a quality gaming experience to Walmart shoppers,” said Mario Pacini, VP of Entertainment at Walmart.

Esports Arena has also expressed hopes towards future streaming directly from the stores whilst also being able to sell merchandise and other goods. With more esports hubs popping up, it can only lead to more interest in the industry. “These Esports Arenas in three Walmart stores, with two additional locations coming, and the launch of OVERPOWERED, will bring unique new experiences to the millions of gamers that shop at Walmart.” continued Pacini.

“We at Esports Arena could not be more excited about this collaboration with Walmart,” said Tyler Endres, CEO of Esports Arena.

This weekend will see Esports Arena launch in the following Walmart stores: Roseville, CA, Spokane Valley, WA, and Colorado Springs, CO with two more stores to follow shortly.

Esports Insider says: An intriguing partnership from Walmart and Esports Arena for sure. We’ve seen Walmart dabble before with the sale of Fnatic’s GEAR range but having presence at Esports Arena is certainly an expansion for the household brand in the States. We’re interested to see how this develops. Can you imagine just bopping down to Walmart and streaming? Maybe it’s the future…