DreamHack and 7Sports pen licensing agreement

26 February 2019


Tournament organiser DreamHack and 7Sports, the business unit of ProSiebenSat.1, have agreed a licensing agreement that allows the latter to report exclusively on German TV about DreamHack festivals.

DreamHack events span eight countries in 2019 with 13 events set to produce expected video material of over 900 hours. ProSieben MAXX will continue to show ‘ran eSports: Professional Gaming. Magazine’, a weekly esports magazine show, but will now have access to even more footage through the partnership with DreamHack. In addition, the partnership will see additional content pushed through the online platform at eSports.com.

DreamHack festivals began back with Leipzig earlier this month and will head to destinations such as Dallas, Sevilla, Valencia and Stockholm in a busy 2019 schedule. 

Stefan Zant, Managing Director and COO of 7Sports said in a release: “We are cooperating with the largest and best-known esports events promoters and leagues in order to raise awareness of esports among a mass audience. For example, we can report on the most relevant events and tournaments all over the world on all platforms. DreamHack Festival is an absolute pioneer and is now considered one of the biggest players in esports.”

“DreamHack produces hundreds of hours of high-quality esports content every year, and this partnership with 7Sports further shows the value of that content. We look forward to seeing this content being used by the creative and talented teams of ran eSports and eSports.com,” commented DreamHack CEO Marcus Lindmark.

7Sports are no stranger to the esports world – with activity in the space as far back as 2016. The television channel has been broadcasting international tournaments and hosting a weekly highlight show. There are eventual plans to host it’s own tovurnaments, manage talent and even run leagues. 

Esports Insider says: Another move from 7Sports as they look to delve deeper into the esports space. There’s little doubt that they have grandiose plans but only time and investment will tell as to whether they achieve them.