Roster rules detailed for Call of Duty franchise league

Activision Blizzard has released details surrounding its upcoming Call of Duty franchise league.

The developer has revealed rules and guidelines around roster construction and vageuly detailed the amateur scene.

Call of Duty Franchise League Details
Photo credit: Call of Duty

The next iteration of Call of Duty esports will utilise a 5 vs. 5 in-game format, something that was introduced last year with Black Ops 4. The minimum roster size of the franchised league is seven players, with teams being able to sign up to 10.

The open window for signing professional players kicks off on September 3rd, though CWL teams that have secured a franchise spot are able to negotiate with their currently-signed players from August 26th.

The minimum base salary for players in the upcoming league will be $50,000 (£41,174.50), including health care and retirement benefits. At least 50% of prize pool earnings have to go directly to players, too.

Despite being city-based and adopting a home & away match format, players will not be required to live in the locations they’re representing. Teams can, but aren’t required to, offer housing to players or provide a cash stipend to assist with living costs. If a team opts to not provide housing, it has to submit a plan to Activision Blizzard that details how it’s going to help players find housing during the season.

A Path to Pro system will exist for the upcoming season, taking over from the open bracket system that has taken place at LAN events in past years. There will be “extensive amateur competitions,” both online and offline, with dedicated prize pools.

Esports Insider says: Considering the league is slated to get underway in just a few months, it’s about time that some details were released – if not for fans’ sake, then at least for players who are hoping to compete in the upcoming season. We’re glad to see that amateur players are going to be catered to but we can only hope it’s executed better than Overwatch Contenders.