Elevate receives Gyazo’s first esports team sponsorship

Screenshot-capturing program Gyazo has sponsored North American organisation Elevate.

This is the first team sponsorship that Gyazo has engaged in and, as part of the deal, Elevate’s players and streamers will receive ‘Pro’ accounts for the program.

Elevate Gyazo
Image credit: Elevate

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Elevate will post screenshots and videos on social media taken using Gyazo, sharing highlights and recaps of streams and events. The program is introducing its “instant screenshot and video sharing” capabilities to esports.

Gyazo said the following on the partnership in an announcement: “Just like the top players and streamers from Elevate we’re always looking to improve and reach the next level. We’re hiking a trail to discover a hidden cave behind a waterfall. We’re planting a surprise at site A. We’re leveling up.”

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Elevate will host giveaways with Gyazo for its fans in the future, though the contents of said giveaways haven’t been disclosed at the time of writing.

Elevate is also partnered with G FUEL, Victrix, GT Throne, EGL, and Ember Webs. It currently fields competitors in Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Halo, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Esports Insider says: This is a peculiar one, we won’t lie. It seems like everybody already uses – or is, at least, aware of – Gyazo but evidently it feels as if its new features can be utilised well in esports. It’ll be interesting to see just how Elevate’s social media content changes over the next few weeks as part of this deal.