Luxembourg organisation FWRD launches with CS:GO roster

Luxembourg-based organisation FWRD has officially launched and unveiled its team branding.

The organisation has signed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster as its first in-game representation.

FWRD Launch
Image credit: FWRD

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The organisation states that it stands for professionalism, performance, and fair play across all of its activities. More information on the organisation’s plans is set to be released in the coming months.

Joe Hoffmann, CEO of FWRD, spoke on the launch in a release: “We have been working towards this day for the past year and it marks a huge milestone in our esports journey. CS:GO represents every aspect that we like about esports: it is easy to understand, action-packed and fascinating to watch.”

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The organisation has signed Bernardus “Bernard” Stornebrink,  Bowen “Bowen” Tan, Eneshan “Eneshan” Tez, Steven “Blackie” Groeneveld, and Steven “Clash” Fekken. Several of the players, all of whom are Dutch, previously competed under Dutch organisation Asterion.

Kevin Hoffmann, COO of FWRD, also commented: “The level of competition is extremely high and it is still continuously increasing day by day, in part due to the incredible depth CS:GO offers; in CS:GO details make the difference between victory and defeat. The consistency, the community and the whole ecosystem around CS:GO announce a bright future for FWRD
in this game title.”

Esports Insider says: This is a brave time to launch an organisation, that’s for sure – though it seems as if FWRD has been developed since April 2018. The Benelux region has been getting a little more spotlight in the past year or so when it comes to esports and we’ll continue to keep an eye on its development.

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