Asian Electronic Sports Federation secures World Cyber Games partnership

21 December 2022


aesf wcg
Image credit: AESF / WCG

The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) has partnered with esports event World Cyber Games, one of the oldest competitions of its kind.

The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and will work together to advance, promote, develop and protect grassroots esports. The two companies will also work on events and student initiatives.

The WCG is one of the oldest esports events in the world, and one of the first events that had a prize pool larger than a hundred thousand dollars. The first event took place in 2000, and the Games have been a regular event since 2013. The new owners of the licence revived the WCG in 2019.

The new partnership with the AESF means that the two parties will work together on projects that support grassroots esports competitions and teams. This means that the WCG will use its platform and reach to further spread the world about grassroots esports and help players and teams climb the ranks in their chosen games.

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In a statement, the two companies noted that AESF will also provide consultation support for the selection of game titles for WCG and promote the WCG Grand Final on all continents. The two companies will also work on esports conferences, forums and events together. Furthermore, the partnership will enable internship opportunities for AESF University Partner students.

KwangJun Song, CEO of Bigpicture Interactive, commented: ” WCG has been a positive influence in the global esports industry for the last 20 years. AESF has also contributed to building a high quality esports infrastructure.

“Therefore , WCG plans to expand the grassroots esports experience to global gamers through MOU with AESF and will continue various activities to raise the quality of lives of gamers.”

Ivan Šimić
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