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Confetti, a creative institute that is part of Nottingham Trent University, has announced that various esports and gaming guests will attend its upcoming Confetti Industry Week event.

Guests relevant for esports stakeholders include Roald Van Buuren, former Director of Esports at FACEIT; Adam Savage, broadcast presenter and host; Jeff Simpkins, COO at Resolve Esports; Monika Strauja, Content Strategist at Team Liquid; and more. The event will also feature a live student-led Tekken 7 competition.

Confetti Industry Week will take place from March 6th – 10th.

Jim Sephton, Managing Director at HADO — an augmented-reality ball sport — will also be in attendance. A HADO tournament will take place at the event.

In 2020, Confetti launched the UK’s first university degree in esports production. Gin Rai, Esports Manager and Higher Education Course Leader, told Esports Insider in 2021 that the institute “give[s] students access to cutting-edge tech and expertise required for engagement and employment within the esports and live events sector.”

In September last year the institute partnered with GGTech Entertainment, as well as UK-focused collegiate esports platform NUEL, which saw the latter move its headquarters to Confetti’s campus in Nottingham, England.

Confetti X, a £5m esports complex which is also part of Nottingham Trent University, was announced in 2021, and is where the Tekken tournament will take place during Industry Week.

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“The Confetti philosophy is Do It For Real, and Industry Week offers our students an unrivalled chance to learn from those working at the top of their game,” Craig Chettle MBE, Chief Executive at Confetti, said in a release.

“Students can attend sessions directly relevant to their course and also pursue their other passions which might inspire new career paths.”

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