Sentinels strikes Starforge Systems partnership

Sentinels star player TenZ stands next to a PC from STarforge Systems
Image: Sentinels

Influencer-owned North American custom PC company Starforge Systems has become the official PC supplier of LA-based esports organisation Sentinels.

Starforge will supply Sentinels’ esports teams with its flagship system for creators: the Voyager Elite.

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The Sentinels influencer roster, which comprises of streamers Tarik, Aceu, Zombs, and 39Daph, will also be provided with systems. Taking into account the streamers alone, Starforge System will access a network of over 7.2m followers on Twitch.

Starforge Systems was conceived in 2022, the brainchild of OTK co-owners Asmongold, Sodapoppin and Tips Out. Its PC for creators, which features an i9-13900K processor and NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, will kit out Sentinels offices and training grounds for the support staff and esports rosters. It would normally cost $4,299 (~£3,438) per unit.

OTK is primarily a content and streaming organisation rather than an esports outfit. It signed a deal in 2022 with esports and gaming event producer WePlay Esports to help support its mixed media streaming and raise content quality by offering its VR and AR facilities to the group.

OTK Media did field an esports team in WoW but decided not to renew player contracts in June 2021. The organisation appears to have a different to marketing its PC building company. Starforge partnered with World of Warcraft guild Echo Esports to sponsor its race to world first for a raid in December 2022, making this its second esports activation in 6 months.

“We’re very excited to power Sentinels with our Starforge PCs. We all come from the gaming space and deeply understand what’s needed to produce quality content and play competitively at the highest levels,” said Tips Out, CEO at OTK. “We want to collaborate with and support the best of the industry, and we’re going to do that with the best systems.” 

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