Skrmiish welcomes João Pela as new Head of Data

skrmiish joao pela head of data
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Skrmiish

Skill-based wagering and gaming platform Skrmiish has appointed João Pela, formerly of Seatfrog, as its Head of Data.

In his new role, Pela will help shape the company’s strategy by building a modern and effective data infrastructure, democratising data access, and implementing relevant machine-learning techniques, per a release.

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With a robust background in data science and machine learning, Pela’s journey began as a researcher and experimental physicist at CERN. He later transitioned to tech startups, where he started as a data scientist and rose to leadership positions.

Specifically, in 2016, Pela departed academia to assume a role of as a Data Scientist at Rotageek, where he joined leadership. Subsequently, in 2018, he joined Seatfrog as the Head of Data, spearheading the establishment of their engineering and analytics teams, according to information provided in the release.

Through these roles Pera gained expertise in algorithm and model building, forecasting, analytics, as well as strategic and project planning.

Speaking about his new role, Pela said: “I am joining Skrmiish at a key moment in its journey and I will be focusing on building up our data practice and making sure we have a data-driven culture in all we do.

“I plan to help the company shape its strategy by building a modern and effective data infrastructure, democratising data access, and introducing machine learning where relevant.” 

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in the Isle of Man, Skrmiish is an automated service where users can sync devices for ‘seamless result-reporting every game’ — theoretically reducing result disputes — thus implicating its potential for improving the integrity and efficiency of grassroots esports.

By merging elements from traditional sportsbooks with AAA gaming, Skrmiish allows gamers to wager real cash on their own performance, eliminating the need for a competitor.

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