FIFAe joins forces with Ditch the Label for wellbeing initiative

Screenshot of FIFAe and Ditch the Label logos on a blue background with FIFA esports event taking place
Image credit: FIFAe, Ditch the Label

FIFAe, the esports branch of football governing body FIFA, has joined forces with global anti-bullying and mental health charity Ditch the Label.

The deal will see both parties collaborate to offer a range of mental health resources to support community members and professional players.

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The initiative will include a range of educational content across FIFAe social media channels in addition to 900 support mentor hours which, according to a release, is enough to support ‘hundreds of community members’ with their mental health.

Ditch the Label partnering with FIFAe aligns with ‘The Good Game Promise,’ a FIFA-led initiative launched in 2022 aiming to focus on players, community and the planet. In addition, the charity also supported the FAMEHERGAME bootcamp with resources on mental health topics for participants.

The charity is no stranger to the gaming industry. In 2018, Ditch the Label partnered with game developer and publisher EA to promote equality and inclusivity among gamers.

Partnering with Ditch the Label is the second mental health partnership for FIFAe. In March 2023, it announced a collaboration with mental health brand Calm to offer support to players competing in FIFAe competitions.

Adrian Rölli, Head of eFootball at FIFA, spoke on the partnership: “Together with Ditch the Label, we want to continue our vision to build a platform where everyone can unlock their full potential.

“FIFAe’s philosophy of ensuring the health of our community and players is manifested within the ‘Good Game Promise’ and will receive another important centrepiece with this collaboration.”

Jonno Nicholson
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