Astralis partners with STARK for Denmark gaming truck tour

Image credit: Astralis / STARK Group

Danish esports organisation Astralis has partnered with building material provider STARK, with the companies set to launch a travelling gaming truck activation.

The gaming truck will visit every region in Denmark and host activations and gaming events in several Danish cities. The two parties announced that they will organise a Counter-Strike tournament aimed at craftsmen and craftswomen after the gaming truck tour is finished.

STARK, part of the STARK Group, a Danish building materials distributor and retailer. The company is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, and operates companies and chains in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway. This is the first foray into esports for the company.

The partnership is described by STARK and Astralis as a way to cultivate both digital and in-person communities, and to help gamers and craftspeople connect and enjoy games together.

The tour will start in Aalborg, in the north of Denmark in mid-September and will conclude in Hørsholm near Copenhagen in mid-October. After the tour, the two companies will organise a Counter-Strike tournament, but additional details on it were not shared.

As a part of the partnership, Astralis and STARK have also created a STARK-themed CS:GO map that will be used during the gaming truck tour.

STARK said it wants to present itself to the younger, gaming audiences through this partnership. Astralis will also have the opportunity to reach audiences that are perhaps not as familiar with esports.

Mads Aagaard, Marketing Director at STARK, said: “With this campaign, our goal is to reach a younger audience, especially those who might not typically visit our stores. These young individuals are tomorrow’s pioneers.

“Through the world of esports, we aim to establish genuine connections, gaining insights into their interests and aspirations. Moreover, we aspire to shed light on the intricacies and value of the craftsman trade, drawing parallels between esports professionals and our skilled craftsmen and -women.”

Ivan Šimić
Ivan comes from Croatia, loves weird simulator games, and is terrible at playing anything else. Spent 5 years writing about tech and esports in Croatia, and is now doing it here.