North American sports festival Pokatok partners with Beasley Esports

06 September 2023


Image credit: Beasley Esports

North American sports festival and conference Pokatok has announced Beasley Esports, the parent company of OverWatch League franchise Houston Outlaws, as a sponsor for its inaugural edition in April 2024.

Beasley will spearhead the esports segment of the Pokatok festival by organising talks, showcasing esports games and more.

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Beasley Esports, a division of the Beasley Media Group, is an esports-focused segment of the American broadcasting company Beasley Broadcast Group. The Group owns and operates 60 radio stations in the United States. Alongside owning Houston Outlaws, the North American company’s other entities include Rocket League organisation Team AXLE and media platform CheckpointXP.

Pokatok, the ‘World’s Fair for Sports’ hosted by the City of Houston, is a conference and festival aimed at showcasing the newest trends in the worldwide sports industry. During the four-day event, visitors will be able to listen to experts in sports and esports, as well as participate in sport activities and learn about the latest technologies in the industry.

As a part of the partnership with Pokatok, Beasley Esports will be tasked with leading the esports and gaming segment of the event. This includes finding speakers for the esports talks, programming, inviting other esports organisations and organising competitions during the event.

In addition, professional players for Beasley Esports’ teams will visit the event and participate in meet and greets with fans, as well as take place in matches between pro players and event visitors.

Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports, commented: “I am most excited to see traditional sports and esports share the big stage – redefining the evolution in sports and technology and spotlighting all the excitement that lies ahead for sports enthusiasts – as it’s never been done before!” 

Alongside Beasley Epsorts, Pokatok also secured a partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) for its festival.

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