Glowbox Sessions Deepdive – ESI London 2023 Agenda

13 October 2023


BOXPARK Wembley ESI London
ESI London 2023 will feature the debut of creator event checkpoint and an esports Film Festival.

ESI London 2023 returns October 19th-20th for a packed two day event. This year’s edition of the world’s esports and video games industry festival brings back Esports Insider’s trademark mix of networking, debate, discussion and entertainment.

During the event, there’ll be a variety of workshops, panels and roundtables hosted across the 19th and 20th separate to the main stage sessions. These will be hosted in the ‘Glowbox’ space upstairs at BOXPARK Wembley. These sessions tackle various pressing industry topics.

ESI London’s Glowbox Sessions feature leading voices in their respective fields, from Logitech to SPORTFIVE, EE, Riot Games, Unilever, Ear to the Ground and more.

With just one week until the doors open and a stacked agenda, we’ve put together an overview of the Glowbox Sessions taking place at ESI London 2023.

ESI London 2024

Women & Non-Binary Big Breakfast

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  • GIRLGAMER Esports Festival
  • the*gameHERS
  • Women in Games
    Women in Games International

Day one of the workshops will kick off with the Women & Non-Binary Breakfast — a networking and ice breaker session focused on women and non-binary attendees of ESI London.

Sitting down with a complimentary breakfast, attendees will join representatives from sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE, women’s esports event GIRLGAMER Esports Festival, women’s gaming advocacy group the*gameHERS, and nonprofits Women in Games and WIGI (Women In Games International). Attendees shall also receive a complimentary gift bag courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury. 

SPORTFIVE Women in Esports Workshop

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  • Leonie Fabisch – Director Global Gaming – SPORTFIVE
  • Magda Lojszczyk – Head of Film, Music, and Gaming – EE
  • Ashley Washington – Product Lead, Gamechangers EMEA – Riot Games

Sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE’s Women in Esports workshop also addresses diversity in the esports industry through the lens of women in gaming. The workshop will explore what is being done to bring women to the forefront of esports, an industry which has been largely male-dominated.

The invite-only session both celebrates female achievement in esports and focuses on what still needs to be done to further representation of women. It spans not just how to improve female participation in esports, but also what is being done to empower women to drive change in the industry and push the industry forward. 

How Brands can Disarm Toxicity in Gaming Communities

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  • Savannah Ross – Strategy Consultant – Ear to the Ground
  • Amanpreet Singh – Global Media Innovation & Brand Partnerships Lead, Gaming, AI & Web 3 – Unilever
  • Owen Laverty – Chief Commercial Officer – Ear to the Ground

Another notorious issue long plaguing the gaming and by extension esports industry is toxicity. This workshop addresses that problem head-on, discussing the toxic behaviours that often result in many gamers — disproportionately women — having negative experiences. 

It’s not just about the players, though; perceptions of toxicity shape how brands engage with the space too. The workshop will be led by Savannah Ross and Amanpreet Singh who will discuss best practices for tackling toxicity in gaming communities, and set out their thoughts on how brands can make gaming a more inclusive and positive experience for all.

Esports Education Maintenance Meet Up

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  • Craig Skilling – Esports Program Director, Associate Professor – APUS
  • Lizzie Squires – CEO/Esports Educator – Vulpine Esports/HSDC/College of Esports
  • James Fraser-Murison – Director – Fraser Esports 

The Esports Education Maintenance Meet Up is a roundtable session focused on educators and those involved in all angles of delivering esports education across schools, colleges and in higher education. It will be led by prominent leaders and experienced individuals from across the esports education space who can offer both guidance and insight.

Whether well versed in esports or brand new and exploring or considering it, this panel will dissect participants’ experiences, seeking to understand the main barriers, challenges — and opportunities — of esport in education. Open to both younger and more senior students, the roundtable and workshop session is free to all ESI London attendees but requires registration.

ESI London
ESI London combines networking, topical industry panels, and play.

Unity in Diversity: Esports Governance across EMEA

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  • Moderator: Tiago Fernandes – President – European Esports Federation
  • John Jackson – CEO – Esports Wales CIC
  • Sammi Kaidi – President – Swedish Esports Federation
  • Maha Aloufi – Strategy Executive Director – Saudi Esports Federation

Esports Federations are repeatedly a point of controversy in esports, but their role in creating grassroots initiatives, building an international talent pipeline, and making progress with national governments is often underrated.

Join this panel for a dive into the dynamic landscape of governance across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The discussion will unravel a complex web of esports regulations, innovation and collaboration. It will combine international perspectives with representatives of individual country federations to see how governance is evolving in different ways. Find out how these organisations are attempting to steer their nations’ esports scene, address challenges and foster local esports ecosystems.

How Logitech G Brings Product & Human Performance Together

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  • Host: Andy Walshe – Performance Capability, Logitech
  • Nial White – Gaming Innovation Engineer, Logitech G
  • Cary Lambert – Global Brand Manager – PRO Series, Logitech G

Logitech G puts players at the front for its PRO series, working with hundreds of the world’s top gaming athletes to understand the demands of the ever-evolving world of esports, and ensuring that its gear is designed both for and with pros across the industry.

Through its collaborations with performance-minded pros, Logitech has learned a lot about how to approach its partnerships — including the need for ‘Zero Opposition’ mindsets, which goes beyond state of the art products. In this panel, Logitech G will discuss how its products meet athletes’ needs across every facet of their professional journey. They will present research and explain how the drive to understand the science behind professional play influences not only Logitech’s product design process, but also how it educates, informs, and supports athletes.

Ode to the Outliers: Niche and New Esports 

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  • Sam Hibbert – Business Director – NSE
  • Mikael Falgard – Co-founder / Business Developer – GeoGuessr

Away from the Louis Vuitton trophies in League of Legends and the sold out arenas year after year in Cologne for Counter-Strike, there exists the weird and the wonderful, the new and the bold. 

The rich tapestry of esports isn’t limited to the top titles with the larger, dedicated global fanbases we hear about time and again. New games and would-be competitive scenes emerge frequently from both the publishers we know, and the challengers to the throne.

What are the realities of GeoGuessr esports and the outcome of its first ‘World Cup’? What does success look like for Farming Simulator esports? How does a more localised publisher and ecosystem ponder transferring this to a new region, or indeed launching a competitive title and esports scene from the ground up? This session puts those questions under a microscope in an examination of this often underappreciated corner of esports.

A Guide to Sustainable Content Creation

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Burn out, social media toxicity, busy schedules — many things can bring negativity into your content creator space. When algorithms seem to punish those who take breaks from posting, and many creators have to balance full time work with content schedules, how can creators prevail despite the external factors?

Success stories often make it look easy to gain momentum, but what is the reality of sustainable and healthy content creation? This session will convene experts in this space to provide discussion and takeaways for creators from both a health perspective and a brand perspective.

Creator Q&A

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This session will bring together top creators for an Q&A session. We’ll be diving into their world and discussing their journey to success. Equally, they’ll discuss how they overcome challenges, and their thoughts on the current creator landscape — alongside any other audience questions.

Jake Nordland
Jake has worked at Esports Insider as a journalist and editor since early 2021. Now ESI's Media Manager, he continues to act as lead editor of print magazine The Esports Journal, and contributes his words to the website from time to time.